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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Deals at Leitersburg Cinemas

Here you will find great deals from Leitersburg Cinemas - serving Hagerstown, Smithsburg, Waynesboro, Greencastle and Chambersburg. Hope to see you soon!

Everyday Specials:
  • FREE Refills on ALL SIZES of soda and popcorn
  • Self-serve butter
  • FREE popcorn seasoning
  • VIP movie tickets for matinees (before 5 PM) are only $7.50

Other Specials:

  • Before 12 Noon on Saturdays, all movies are only $5.50, including VIP
  • VIP Tickets after 5 PM Monday - Thursday include a FREE large popcorn


KatyK said...

OMG! You guys have brought the theater back to life!!! Like the phoenix! It is so GREAT to see a business in this economy thriving!! Your marketing person is doing a great job! Kudos!

Jacquie Phillips said...

Two medium Icees, Two medium Dippin Dots, and a Medium Popcorn cost $25.25......just a tad outrageous I'd say!

securityguy said...

Cost of going to the movies. Ms. Phillips, this a business that like any other business that needs to survive in today's economy. Complain, Just stay at home if you are going to complain. Get Netfix, owning a business you have a mortgage, pay employees, pay bills, insurance, and our government does not help. You know you fpdo have to buy popcorn, ices, just go watch the movie. You save $25.25. Just stating the facts, reality, prices more likely will not come down. Treat yourself once a month. If you smoke, not saying you people soy that in four packs, knowing it is bad for them. Just look at another way.

PJ said...

Ms. Phillips, have you been to other movie theaters in the area? Leitersburg has the best prices around.

ashline said...

I agree with KatyK! Your marketing person really is on top of it. I haven't been to this theater in quite a few months, but the site will bring me back for sure! Excited for the free popcorn refills :)

Moviefan0316 said...

I have been happily going to this theatre every since I heard of its re opening. This theatre was my childhood theatre and was where I started my first stable high school job. This place brings back so many memories and to this day I still love driving by, seeing all the posters, the marquee and frequently attending some movies. You all have brought valued entertainment back to our area and your prices are unbeatable! Keep up the amazing work! You've made what I always found to be my home away from home, my home yet once again!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm HELLO! I'm paying 10$ for the new Spiderman movie in the VIP seats tomorrow morning. I know right now it cost 11$ for a medium popcorn and medium slushy with refills, I'm sorry but nothing beats a day out with my sister than that price!

camper-girl said...

THis is the best movie cinema around. Cannot beat the VIP seats and free refills. The staff is nice and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Chelle said...

are there Wednesday specials?

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