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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2012 Calendar of Events for Leitersburg Cinemas - Great Movie Events in Hagerstown, Maryland

Here you will find the latest calendar events for Leitersburg Cinemas - serving Hagerstown, Smithsburg, Waynesboro, Greencastle, Chambersburg and. Hope to see you soon!

last updated: October 18th, 2012



Thursday, November 15th
Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn: Part 2
10:00 PM


SharSmith64 said...

I was at the May 13th Grease Sing-A-Long and it was great fun. I am hoping that you do more events like this one. I mentioned how much fun it was to several friends and they all want to come next time! Please do this again whenever a movie comes up with this option, it was a very fun evening and I can't wait for the next time!

Anonymous said...

I went and tried to go see a VIP movie with my wife for a date night. When i got to the theater i purchased my tickets and snacks. We went back into the theater and there were NO 2 SEATS NEXT TO EACH OTHER! The manager said that it was limited seating and its first come first serve so we could either split up or see the movie in the regular theater. I understand that seating is limited but there has to be a better way to do this. For example, have numbered seats. This way you know at the box office if there are seats available. It wouldnt take that much effort. I left that night and went to the mall for the movies. Something for management to think about to improve VIP seating.

Karelina said...

Cant wait for info on the Twilight event!

Flavious Lamia said...

When in the heck are the tickets for breaking Dawn 1 going to go on sale? Friends of mine in Maine already have had theirs for almost a month.

Kristy said...

I am proud to say that Leitersburg Cinema is our new favorite place to go. I will recommend you to everybody. We just enjoyed the "snuggie night" which meant we ejoyed our free movie, with vip seating, free candy since we posed for a picture, popcorn and drink refills after purchase...just had an amazing night. Very family and budget friendly. I can not wait to try dinner and a movie for date night with my husband. Sincerly, Kristy

Jubileyn said...

Leitersburg is the best! Going to Regal at Valley Mall is slowly becoming more and more like extortion and with my back problems, it's hard for me to sit through a movie in any case. At Leitersburg, I can watch a movie in a ridiculously comfortable chair for only seven dollars. And then when you consider the nice facilities, the kind staff, and the affordable snacks... it's just the best option! :)

Krafty Kelly said...

Thank you for the free movies during the summer. Make sure you get there early because tickets are limited and they turned people away. There was a discount for the kids pack also. We were able to afford the movies for 4 of us - WITH popcorn, soda & candy

Unknown said...

VIP seats are numbered now. Great Idea I have never been to a theater with such wonderful seats. My friend & I saw Magic Mike this week in those wonderful seats, next I want to do the Dinner & show. Also thanks for the free refills & free summer movies!

Lisa M Andrews said...

We just saw The Dark Knight Rises in VIP seats. Seats were assigned (we were given options when we ordered the tickets) and we were escorted to our seats. I'm really finicky about movie theaters, and we saw this one opening weekend. I've never been so comfortable or so happy in a theater!

Rustyinmd said...

This place is excellent. The VIP seats are without equal. I cant say enough about the ticket prices ot the free drink and popcorn refills. The only complaint I have is the sound system in theater 1. It just seems weak. Fix that and this place would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Just a little outdated, wouldn't you say guys?

Anonymous said...

meaning the dates on this blob

Unknown said...

I love Leitersburg Theatres !!!If the VIP is not showing the movie, I still love the atmosphere of the regualr seating rooms. Very supportive to the Washington County Communities !! Way to go !!!

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