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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frequent Movie Card Fundraiser

Now your school, non-profit, group or sports team can earn money when friends and family go to the movies at Leitersburg Cinemas. $1 of every movie ticket purchased is donated to the organization indicated on your card. It’s as simple as this:

Step 1: Register your organization
Step 2: Pass out cards to friends and family
Step 3: Friends and family come watch a movie and show their card at the box office
Step 4: We send you a check in the mail

Friends and family will also love the Frequent Movie Card because they receive FREE popcorn on their 5th visit and a FREE movie when their card is filled, not to mention they had a big part in helping support your organization. The program is fun, effective and easy for everyone.

Why is Leitersburg Cinemas doing this?

As a locally owned, independent movie theater, it has always been our vision to impact the community and offer affordable entertainment for residents. This program offers the best of both worlds.

“We are not the corporate giant with all the latest technology in movie entertainment. We are ordinary small business owners who understand the concept of value and affordable entertainment. I guess we just don’t think going to the movies should cost an arm and a leg. We also have kids playing on local sports team and volunteer our time with local non-profits. We’re invested in the community.” – Rich Daughtridge, Co-Owner

We have also begun investing in the upgrade of the facilities at Leitersburg Cinemas to make it nicer. As of June of 2010, renovations to the theaters, bathrooms and lobby have been completed. Exterior and interior improvements will continue through 2010 and 2011. In addition to first-run movies, the new Leitersburg Cinemas features "Dinner and a Movie”, Retro Nights, two unique VIP theaters, birthday packages, corporate meeting rooms, and facility rental.

“I grew up going to Leitersburg Cinemas. I went to North High and our friends and I would go to the movies all the time. In middle school, I think I even rode my bike to the theaters a few times!? It’s important to us we continue the tradition and give back to the community.” – Dave Schleigh, Co-Owner

The Details

- Upon registration, organizations will be given personalized Frequent Movie Cards (FMC) in lots of 500, including “XYZ Organization” on the front. See above.

- Eventually, organizations will also be given a unique web address for temporary FMCs. Once they arrive at the box office, they will be given a permanent card.

- Organizations pass out the customized cards or send their unique web address via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We only ask that organizations not distribute FMCs on the Leitersburg Cinemas property.

- When patrons to Leitersburg Cinemas show their FMC and purchase a movie ticket, $1 is donated to the organization. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or FREE movie tickets.

- Organizations receive checks in the mail on or about the 10th of each month for the proceeding month.

- There is no upfront cost to the organizations. $20 for each lot of 500 cards is deducted from the first or future month check(s) to cover the cost of printing and to encourage a realistic quantity for handout.

- The Frequent Movie Cards expire on 12/31/2011

An Example:

XYZ Sports Team registers and requests 500 Frequent Movie Cards. The potential funds raised equals $5,000 (500 cards X 10 movies per card X $1). In the month of October, everyone who received a card from XYZ Sports Team comes to at least 1 movie. Raised funds for the organization is $480… $500 - $20 for (1) lot of cards. XYZ Sports Team receives a check for $480 in the mail on or about November 10th.

That’s just the beginning… more friends and family come to the movies in November and December and each month XYZ Sports Team receives a check. It’s that easy!

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